Parents Settle Lawsuit Over Son’s Death In Contaminated Swab Case


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The family of a Houston toddler, who alleged that a contaminated alcohol swap caused their son’s death, have settled their suit against the Wisconsin company that made the wipes, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

One left, another 10 to go.

Shanoop Kothari and his wife Sandy settled their litigation against Triad Group and its unit, H&P Industries. The terms of the settlement weren’t released.

The Kotharis’ 2-year-old son Harry died in December 2010. His death was one of 11 reported to federal authorities as possibly being linked to  products made by Triad, which denies that its swabs and wipes hurt anyone, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Triad still has about 10 lawsuits pending against it, according to the Milwaukee newspaper.

After the Food and Drug Administration discovered that some batches of alcohol swabs and wipes were contaminated, Triad and H&P voluntarily recalled them in January 2011, the Journal Sentinel reported. Some of the swabs had Bacillus cereus, the same bacteria that killed Harry Kothari.



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