Posted on 1st March 2010 by Gordon Johnson

  • contains information about Brain Injury Attorney, Gordon S. Johnson, Jr., one of the nations leaders in the field of Brain Injury representation. Attorney Johnson devotes his practice to representing brain injured clients in personal injury accidents.

  • a page designed to assist those with issues regarding coma, especially in the acute phase when the doctors are saying “I just don’t know.”

  • has been at the cornerstone of the web advocacy of the Brain Injury Law Group since it went online in 1996. For a full treatment of the topic of brain injury, and recovering adequate compensation for those who have survived such injury, please visit our other pages.

  • focuses on all aspects of concussion and non-coma injuries.

  • addresses vertigo and dizziness resulting from trauma as well as information and resources for vestibular disorders.

  • our goal in this page is two fold: first to provide comprehensive information about Cerebral Palsy and on the resource pages linked from this page. Second, that through the information and education provided about Cerebral Palsy that those victims of medical malpractice will seek a remedy.

  • is focused on providing Carbon Monoxide poisoning information, resources and remedies to those who have suffered Carbon Monoxide damage, or CO poisoning. CO is the chemical shorthand for carbon monoxide.

  • is a comprehensive treatement of Wisconsin law, particularly in the fields of divorce, real estate, landlord tenant, personal injury, insurance and workers compensation in Wisconsin.

  • is a detailed treatment of Wisconsin personal injury law and Wisconsin workers compensation laws, including nuts and bolts information of the type of injuries typically found in automobile accidents. Our treatment of “Why you hurt” has been providing information to Wisconsin personal injury clients for more than a decade.

  • The purpose of this page is to provide a central point for those in need of information about brain injury. These pages are about brain injury advocacy, and the remarkable breakthrough that the Web has made for that advocacy. is the Brain Injury Law Groups hub page, that directs those affected by brain injury to our web resouces.

  • Too often in brain injury cases, the neuroimaging such as MRI, CT, Xrays and FMRI scans are read as normal, when a careful tailoring of the protocols for such scans would have shown disabling pathology. is a source for understanding the importance of state of the art MRI, FMRI and CT in the discovery the pathology of brain injury or brain damage.

  • Car accidents in the rain are often thought to be no-fault accidents, or blamed on the injured person. What is not understood is that many hydroplaning accident could have been avoided if the tires with the most tread had been put on the front, not the back. This page explains the science of tire location and who is responsible when someone gets badly hurt by such negligence.

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