New YorK Jury Awards $100 Million In Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit


Posted on 25th August 2012 by gjohnson in Uncategorized

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A New York jury has awarded  a $100 million in a lawsuit involving a Staten Island teen who developed cerebral palsy because of her premature birth, the York Post reported Saturday.

Unfortunately, because St. Vincent filed for bankruptcy in 2010, the actual payout will be far less than the jury award. It will limited to the hospital’s insurance, which is $16 million, according to the Post

The family of Stephanie Debes, 17, filed the suit against St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where she and her twin sister Amanda were born three months premature. Stephanie sustained brain injury that led to her cerebral palsy, while her sister didn’t have any problems andn is now healthy, according to the Post.

A Staten Island Supreme Court  jury determined that St. Vincent’s staffers were liable because they didn’t “recognize mom Catherine Debes’ contractions before she went into labor and failed to prevent pre-term delivery of her daughters,” the Post reported.

The jury determined that St. Vincent’s was liable $17 million  for past pain and suffering and $60 million for future pan and suffering. The award was also meant to cover medical expenses.